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The Project

AJS Motorcycles are a motorcycles and part dealership and they have been in the industry for over 100 years. They approached Oh-Tech to help move them away from their legacy analogue phone system, in search of the newest technology. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses have seen the need to update their systems to be compatible with working from home capabilities. This was exactly the case for AJS.

As part of their working from home requirement, AJS wanted to migrate all of their data to the cloud to allow easy access from any location. After talking to the owners of AJS Motorcycles it was clear that the old systems they were using, where causing them productivity issues and features that they required could not be delivered by their current system.

Initial Stages

A full system audit was carried out allowing us to fully investigate some of AJS initial concerns. We discovered that an onsite server was being used by one of their core systems and due to the poor specifications of the box, it was struggling to meet the demands of the business and therefore causing a slow running of their practises.

When migrating across to a completely new platform, we will always offer a demo of the system if possible. This allows us to show the system fully working to the client and for them to ask questions regarding the solution. It is important that the solution being proposed to the customer meets their needs and expectations and is then signed off before work commences.

Project Implementation

Based on our initial findings, we recommended that AJS utilise the full power of the O365 suite, along with some onsite hardware changes:

  • Teams VOIP was chosen as the best solution for AJS as it is versatile enough to meet their needs while offering effortless scaling. Calling routing was configured and improved upon the old analogue system. AJS decided to go USB headsets to interact with the PC software.
  • SharePoint was introduced as the companies new data storage. Allowing web remote access and local sync for office staff.
  • Email was migrated from POP configuration to O365 exchange platform. Increasing staff’s mailbox size and device sync ability.
  • The onsite server had its memory upgraded to increase its performance.

Often the longest part of a migration to the cloud is moving the data, in this case we moved the data overnight and then disabled any file shares to prevent users from accessing the old copy of the data. We also synced the data to user’s machines overnight so it was all ready for when the users started in the AM with no downtime at all.

Normally Oh-Tech would have an engineer onsite for large projects, but due to COVID19 we did our part to try and avoid contact where possible. With the power of our RMM systems we managed to deploy the new system completely remotely.

Additional Actions Taken

When onboarding AJS for support after completing the initial Project requirements, we also highlighted the benefit of some other solutions we could implement that would help support and improve the business moving forward.

  • Introduced Unifi access points for WIFI to cover the warehouse and office.
  • Introduced a local and cloud server backup
  • Anti-Virus across all machines
  • Computer upgrades or replacement
  • Monitoring on all servers and user machines as part of our overall support cover

Project Sign Off

Whilst our clients are going through their boarding journey, we make sure that we are available as regular contact to be able to speak to the business directly, should they have any needs or problems. With all customers, we schedule in regular reviews so we can see how everything is working and ensure their technology is working best for them.


Oh-Tech have completely transformed the way we work at AJS. The ability to take calls remotely and access files from home is amazing. We used to pass a phone around the office and now we can transfer directly and take multiple calls at once. I would have no issue in recommend Oh-Tech to other businesses looking to improve upon their IT systems.

Sam Brown – Director, AJS Motorcycles

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