Aluminium Shapes

Case Study

The Project

Aluminium Shapes came to us for looking for further support, as they were looking to swap from their current provider. Their experience was very common for most businesses; they didn’t have a fast response, reliable support team and problems were not getting resolved efficiently. We discovered their current IT company still used an ADHOC Break Fix method, which relied on them getting more calls.

These are the two most common problems we hear from new customers about their previous IT Support. This is why we make our client support our priority, it is time to bring an end to the cycle and introduce the client to the Oh-Tech prevention Method.

Initial Stages

In the beginning of the process, we take time to understand the business values and what they’re looking for from their IT. IT support is an ongoing partnership, one that both parties need to agree the best system for them. Our initial discussion involves understanding the business from a non-technical standpoint, allowing us to discover what’s important to them and how systems and technology can support this. This sort of discussion is often overlooked by IT teams.

After a brief discussion, we looked at the technology they are currently using such as servers, client computers, main software, internet connection and mainly number of users, and where we can improve their current systems.

Aluminium Shapes had around 40 computers and multiple servers. With a large factory and office, there was a high number of computers in different places, and a lot of staff working remotely with the need of working more efficiently. On a project like this collaboration is key.

Project Implementation

The first thing we do when we get a new support customer is to book an onsite visit for an “onboarding”. This is where we send an engineer to site for the day to do a detailed audit of their systems. Part of our systems allows a rollout to all devices on a particular network, this instantly allows remote access, patch management, monitoring and security testing.

When conducting an audit, our initial IT survey includes:

  • Creating a detailed floor plan of the office and various departments.
  • Meeting key decision makers
  • Taking specifications of all key hardware such as servers
  • Identifying third parties that are responsible for the support of their software and manage contact between us
  • Loading our remote access and monitoring software onto all devices
  • A full security audit.

The Solution / Actions Taken

It was highlighted in the initial stages with Aluminium Shapes that some critical issues needed resolving to help their IT get back to a secure and efficient day to day running.

  • Introduce Fibre links between the three network cabinets around the building – This significantly increased the overall network speed
  • Introduced UNIFI WIFI to key locations, allowing staff with laptops to work more efficiently without dead spots / dropouts.
  • Introduced a new server for key systems due to the old server being nearly 10 years old and being rented from the previous IT company. Oh-Tech never markup hardware and with the direct costing from the supplier Aluminium Shapes got the best deal available.
  • Introduced backups for new systems and olds. The audit revealed that critical systems such as Aliwin has no failsafe or backup of system offsite, other than an old drive system in the same room. This left Aluminium shapes vulnerable to water or fire damage and possibly huge company downtime and loss. The day after the audit we had full cloud backups running securing the company’s critical data.
  • Staff onboarding - Our engineer spent time onsite speaking with members of the team in all areas of the business picking up faults or worries that the owners may not have even been aware of. This allowed us to not only build trust within the business, and help fix some issues.

Project Sign Off

Whilst our clients are going through their boarding journey, we make sure that we are available as regular contact to be able to speak to the business directly, should they have any needs or problems. With all customers, we schedule in regular reviews so we can see how everything is working and ensure their technology is working best for them.


Oh-Tech offer a straightforward, Easy to deal with exceptional service. The engineers are always Helpful, efficient and have helped us to make sensible, cost-effective improvements to our network and overall systems. We appreciate the personal and prompt responses, and the team are like a part of the fixtures of fittings here at shapes. They have helped us with projects such as building wide CCTV and complicated server projects without incident. I would have no hesitation in recommending Oh-Tech to business owners looking to improve their overall IT support.

Darren Millard – Managing Director Aluminium Shapes

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