Breeze Motor Group

Case Study

The Requirement

Having previously employed an IT Manager, Breeze Motor Group were looking to outsource their IT to a reliable service. Breeze required 3rd party support to help oversee the complex network requirements and be on hand if there was more business support needed.

Initial Stages

To begin the process, we met with Breeze to understand their business further internally and also discuss the company values. As an ongoing partnership, it’s key to ensure we hold both of these as a priority for the work we do, especially if we are supporting an existing member of the team.

Whilst in the initial process of onboarding a client, it’s important we speak to staff and managers to find any pain points they currently have and how this may affect their future goals. The benefit of outsourcing to a 3rd party is that we can take their problems and fix efficiently without any disruption to their day.

A big part of the work we do is to show a business where they can cut outgoing IT costs for the business and save time. We sat down with the company finance director to show him and explain where savings and improvements could be made. From this initial meeting we have saved breeze a substantial amount on their outgoings.

Introduction & Onboarding

Onboarding a customer as 3rd party is the same as our full support customers, with the addition of working with the onsite team and systems that may already be in place.

Our onboarding process includes:

  • Creating a detailed floor plan of the office and various departments. Including network points and data cabinet locations.
  • Meeting key decision makers
  • Taking specifications of all key hardware such as servers
  • Identifying third parties that are responsible for the support of their software. Ensuring contact is strong between both.
  • Loading our remote access and monitoring software onto all devices
  • A full security audit
  • Talking to the team and introducing Oh-Tech so they know how we can fully support them.

Actions Taken by Oh-Tech

It was highlighted in the initial stages that some critical issues that were causing daily issues for Breeze. Additional pain points were identified and discussed with Senior management to take steps to resolve these issues:

  • Breeze was experiencing daily WIFI issues with many dropouts throughout their main site. The support on the wireless system was outsource and the turnaround was very slow, meaning long downtime for staff on laptops. Oh-Tech identified the issue and brought the WIFI inhouse, swapping the system to a cloud managed UNIFI solution
  • The Email system was using an old POP3 platform. This meant users mail was not backed up. We moved all staff over to a central O365 platform for all their emails and domains giving a better overall management.
  • Introduced a cloud managed signature system that allowed the marketing team to update all staff’s signatures at a press of a button. This saved hours of time for the onsite engineer
  • Reviewed outgoing hardware renting costs to 3rd party. It was evident that Breeze was paying a large monthly amount to a 3rd party for switches, AP’s, routers etc. Oh-Tech worked with the finance director to show that by purchased the items direct the businesses would soon be in the green within less then a year, whilst owning their own equipment
  • Introduced systems to allow for multi-site data access with secure permissions
  • Introduced a secure VPN for staff to be able to work remotely from home. This proved invaluable during COVID19. By already being in place, staff were able to pickup their laptops of carry on their daily jobs. This included accessing VW & Keyloop systems
  • Backup of company data introduced along with a full disaster recovery plan.

Full Support Takeover

After 6 months of supporting Breeze VW in a 3rd party capacity, we we’re brought in to accommodate the full running and support of all IT services. We work directly with their head office team to ensure their onsite needs we’re continued, and anything they required was resolved quickly and efficiently.

Since becoming the full support team for Breeze VW, we have become more involved with their core systems. Keyloop (previously known as CDK) is used by the dealership for multiple aspects of the business. By using time to train internal staff, we’re now able to help turnaround support requests directly without the delay of waiting for the software vendor.


Oh-Tech were an obvious choice for our revised IT strategy. The team have engaged seamlessly with our business and the changes they have implemented. We are now comfortable with the security, speed and robustness of our infrastructure.

Mark Langford – Managing Director, Breeze Motor Group

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