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Providing your business with the necessary data backup and disaster recovery solutions

It matters where your data is stored. It also matters that you have a strong and efficient backup and disaster recovery solution, in case disaster or emergency strikes and affects the information systems. Having these solutions in place minimises the effect on business operations. Oh-Tech have been one of the South West England’s leaders in backup and recovery solutions for some time, working to protect your business.

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Oh-Tech! Putting concise business continuity plans in place

By storing your data away from your primary location, it ensures that you data is safe. With our BDR, you’ll know that your data is always protected. If ever anything were to happen to your original data, a simple re-route is all we need to get your business back up and running again. Oh-Tech solutions provide, quick and efficient results.

For more information about Disaster Recovery as a Service, or to get assistance protecting your valuable data and infrastructure, call us today at 03334 000 595.