IT technology for the classroom. Oh! Yes that’s cheaper.

Providing IT solutions to educate the professionals of tomorrow

Oh-Tech delivers better technology solutions to support all educational technology needs for some of the South West’s leading schools. Including hardware, software, networking and other IT related products designed to leverage advance in IT, to present powerful and interactive learning corridors.

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Advancing student education with dynamic computer solutions

Making teaching and learning much easier..

We work to provide learning environments with a hands-on approach that makes implementing all your educational technology needs easier. We accomplish this by providing the following services:

IT and Bandwith Consultation

Hardware and Software Procurement

24/7 IT Support

Mobile Device Integration

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Leverage your IT assets

Placing specialised IT technology where education needs it the most

Oh-Tech help your school to leverage your IT assets into a dynamic workplace. With the use of our technicians, we work to create an equally dynamic learning environment for your students and educators, covering design, deployment and support of information systems.

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